Cezanne Studio

Powerful, full-featured review system.

Cezanne Studio is a powerful, fast, and easy-to-use playback and review editor. It lets you display and mark up photos, sketches, videos with text and shapes, review media in context and more.

Universal Viewer

A smart way to view, review, and collaborate.

The only playback tool, that allows you to review all your content in one place.

Load an EXR, PSD, TIFF or video with multiple tracks. Isolate the channels, solo them and blend them together. If you need more control check our Multichannel loading preferences.

If you need to check stereo frames, or you need to remap a stereo view to another stereo format or look each eye separately, we got you covered.

Load a single view or a stereo latlong in Cezanne Studio. Navigate it in 360 on your screen or you favourite headset and review your media. Spatial annotations for a spatial format.

Deep images use additional depth data that helps with reducing the need for re-rendering and helps you solve problems with artifacts around the edges of objects. Cezanne Studio allows you to display and isolate each layer.

A point cloud is a set of data points in space that can represent a 3D shape or object. Point clouds are generally produced by 3D scanners or by photogrammetry software, which measure many points on the external surfaces of objects around them. You can quickly load, explore, and annotate a point cloud in Cezanne Studio.

USD (Universal Scene Description) is a format for three-dimensional (3D) computer graphics scene descriptions. USD files contain data about 3D graphic elements such as scene layout and the geometry and material appearance of models, animations, and virtual cameras. You can quickly load, explore, annotate USD assets in Cezanne Studio. Note: You will need a Creator license to edit and export the USD.Watch 3D Playback video

Review Tools

Accelerate feedback and approvals.

Clearly illustrate your ideas with a simple drawing. View feedback on the precise media frame, across a sequence or pinned on a model. Use tools preset, or pick your own colour, size and font.

Use brushes with different size, opacity and colour to quickly mark your video, images and models. Each user can create their own profiles and save them in the preferences.

Arrow, Dual Arrow, Circle, Lines, Squares with their own size, colour and opacity. Feel free to create your annotation without boucing between softwares.

With onion skinning, you can display the drawings from previous or next frame in the current frame, so you can see where to place the drawings for the next frame.

Add text comments, with your choice of font, colour and size. Don't worry, you can save all your settings in the review preferences.

The Dodge tool and the Burn tool lighten or darken areas of the image. These tools are based on a traditional darkroom technique for regulating exposure on specific areas of a print. The more you paint over an area with the Dodge or Burn tool, the lighter or darker it becomes.

Graphics Tablets

Full support for all graphics tablets compatible with your OS.

Cezanne Studio features full support for graphics tablets, including support for pressure sensitivity and tilt. if your graphics tablet is compatible with your OS, it’s compatible with Cezanne. So you can paint, sketch, and draw almost like you would on paper or a real-life canvas. Although named after a great painter, it's not Adobe Photoshop and doens't pretend to be.

Compare Tools

Find differences and changes visually.

When you create something, the first version isn't usually the last one. We've created a set of tools to help you compare media visually and trough time. We created a set of tools to help you compare media visually and trough time

Load two different media and compare them side by side, using a wipe or display them in a grid.

Load an EXR, a PSD, or any other layered media and annotate it! Change each layer colour attributes separately, solo them, hide or remove them.

Use the object picker to pick a layer and the associated asset with your favourite asset manager. This tool requires a valid Python Dev License

Compare different edits visually, play the changes and iterate over your editorial pipeline.

Use the Takes dialog to select a different version of your media, compare it with the current one, swap or use it for a new edit. Iteration over new takes has never been that easy.

CollaborationComing Soon

Review your content with others.

Count on Cezanne Studio for all of the tools you need to quickly review your media with others. We've built Cezanne Studio completely remotely with a distributed team in five different timezones. All the tools you see are used by us daily.

Invite anyone from your team or your clients to be part of a collaboration room. Cezanne Studio handles all of the invitations for you.

Easily administrate the role for all reviewers in your collaboration room visually.

Connect Cezanne Studio display to an Apple TV, a Chromecast, your second screen or your projector. Easily look at where others are, or what they are looking at. No one is left behind, no one gets lost.

Being in a live session has never been easier. Follow others cursors, comment in realtime, follow and unfollow the presenter or another viewer. Scale it to thousands of creatives at once, it just works!

The Cezanne Studio collaboration module and Cezanne Studio Avatar allows your studio to stream content inside and behind the firewall. There are plenty of possible configurations supported.

Once your dailies session is done you can export PDFs or use Cezanne Studio integration with Autodesk Shotgrid or ftrack to report back to the rest of your team or for record-keeping.

Editing Tools

Review your shots in context.

In Cezanne Studio whether you work on animation or vfx shots in a sequence and you want to view your work in the context of a current cut of the film, we have got you covered. Import EDL, XML, AAF or OTIO like a breeze.

Import AAFs, EDLs, OTIO and XMLs into a multi-track timeline complete with audio. Soft effects and basic retiming are fully supported.

If you need to move a clip to another track, replace it or remove it from your edit. It's all available in the track editor.

If during reviewing, you realize you have some extra frame, use the trim tool to quickly chop it off.

Cezanne Studio read your Timecode from your media metadata and allow you to display it globally, relative to the clip. Easily switch between Timecode modes by hotkeys.

In Cezanne Studio you can import your media with audio, use a WAV or AIFF file, or use the audio from another clip. Mute your audio clips, trim them, move them in the timeline.


A powerful tool to display useful information.

There are so many versions and so much media in any creative production. While you look at your images and videos, on a second screen, your laptop or in a theather, you may want to know what you are looking at. Use Cezanne Studio HUD to display dynamic information on your media.

Use the Shot HUDs to quickly display shot name colourspace and path while you are reviewing.

Show all the metadata of your media as an overlay, or select what you want to show.

Through the presentation module, available with the Creator license, you can show your overlay trough a projector, or on an second monitor. Make everyone know what you are looking at.

Colour Adjustments

Manage your image colour.

Enjoy an elegant, intuitive, professional but simple to use colour adjustment tool. Easily adjust exposure, hue, saturation, brightness and contrast of a whole image or an individual layer. Change the image’s feel and mood completely using Looks and CDLs.

Use the colour correction effect to change brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma properties.

If you are reviewing or debugging a colour transform, you can pick each and every output at any stage of the colour pipeline.

Apply one or more ASC CDL (American Society of Cinematographers colour Decision List) and LUT to your clips and easily pick which one to use.

OpencolorIO (OCIO) is a complete colour management solution geared towards motion picture production with an emphasis on visual effects and computer animation. OCIO provides a straightforward and consistent user experience across all supporting applications while allowing for sophisticated back-end configuration options suitable for high-end production usage. OCIO is compatible with the Academy colour Encoding Specification (ACES) and is LUT-format agnostic, supporting many popular formats.


It’s all about your media.

Cezanne Studio allows you to browse through your files and find the right ones to review within seconds thanks to our visually striking Mediabrowser.

When you look at your video, images and 3D media, you can look at the metadata through the Cezanne Studio attribute editor.

Once you are done reviewing and you need to share and encode your media, or make annotations for the whole timeline, you can quickly set-up your exports and encode them as MP4, AVI, WebM a sequence of EXRs or any production format you can think of.


For your Workflow.

Cezanne Studio is built to display media from any source. We are constantly working on new plugins to allow your information to flow across your favourite content creation application.

Use the ftrack review interface directly in Cezanne to review content in ftrack. Browse versions in ftrack, see details on tasks and read notes from within Cezanne.Watch the Ftrack integration video

The combination of Cezanne plus Autodesk Shotgrid enables everyone to have access to easy, ubiquitous, error-free playback of the right media.Watch the Shotgrid integration video

Cezanne Studio Maya/Integration brings the benefits of Cezanne's review, playback and comparison tools to Maya's playblast workflow.

Moving beyond the old flipbook-style workflow, artists can use Cezanne Studio to organize a history of renders from any nodes in a Nuke script and then easily play and compare the results, using Cezanne Studio as a kind of visual history browser. In addition: Cezanne Studio can automatically restore the Nuke script to the version that matches any render; read nodes can be shared easily between both applications; and settings (such as colour settings, or current node selection) can be updated live.

Advanced Features

Every studio will appreciate.

Cezanne Studio comes with a ton of powerful features that will help you integrate it in your pipeline; such as Python and Pyside Support, and support for almost all popular image file formats, including Photoshop images with layers.

  • Python & Pyside

  • Custom WorkSpace

  • OpenTimelineIO

  • Multicontex OCIO

  • 32 Bit

  • USD

  • Command Line


  • RedCode RAW

  • Blackmagic RAW

  • ProRes

  • Avid DNXHD

Media Editing Engine

Powered by our Leonardo.

We took an extra step to build a truly modern and innovative media editing engine that takes advantage of the full power of various technologies like OpenGL, OpenCL, Vulkan, Metal, CUDA, giving you the speed you need to keep pace with your creativity.